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We believe that every employee has the right to benefits that suits his needs, priorities and lifestyle.  We know that each company is working towards protecting and providing their talents with rewards and benefits that would enhance their employees’ productivity and loyalty at work.
At Benlify, we partner with organizations by providing their employees with access to products and services without risk, cost, liability and administration to their employers.
Benlify is a spin off from a Southeast Asian based corporation that started offering the same platform in the Philippines in 2015.  In 2017, it has diversified to a domestic company that aims to address the Filipino workers’ conditions and need for better and more achievable benefits.


Health & Wellness

HMO, dental, optical, medical services, maternity & child care

Technlogy & Comfort

appliances, electronics, gadgets, furnitures

Lifestyle & Travel

travel packages, staycation, fashion

Learning & Enrichment

short term public seminars, language courses

Security & Savings

insurance, loans, bills payment


       To be the preferred choice benefits provider of every organization in the Philippines


       To cultivate mutually rewarding business partnership


       To foster customer relationships by providing better quality products and services

       To promote an empowered work culture that supports dynamism and adaptability within our people


               Teamwork : Our company and people move as one towards the achievement of shared goals

               Respect : We regard the worth of people and things and treat them with consideration and care


               Integrity : We conduct business in accordance with ethical convictions

              Ownership : We take the initiative to bring about positive results of our work as well as team’s aspirations



We assist employees in getting benefit packages.  We work with Human Resources group to create perks and benefits specific to their employees' needs.  We offer a wider range of benefits where employees get instant access to a catalog of rewards and incentives.  Benlify offers a benefit program designed to help companies ease administrative load.  There is no cost, no liability to the employer.  Best of all, we help employers create a positive work culture based on rewarding good performance.




Outsourcing of benefits

We assist companies and their HR in acquiring  information necessary for  creating a benefits program for  their employees, at no cost!


Flexiben Host

Customizing employee benefits  according to their needs and  priorities is the best way to  maximize its usage.

Product Installment and Cash Fund

Acquiring benefits or funding an emergency cash needs at 0% interest* for 60 days or extend it to 3-36 months for as low as 0.58% per month