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Benlify is a spin off from a Southeast Asian based corporation that supports Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in providing financial programs and services. 


Since 2019,  we have been providing access to loan facilities  to cater to the changing needs of our clients, whether for business capital loan,  check rediscounting, personal loan, doctors’ loan, and employee salary loan. 


To be a significant player in the financial services industry in the Philippines. 


We strive to grow our business primarily to provide access to underserved credit  market with lower rates, more accessible services, flexible terms and operational  efficiencies. 


To cultivate mutually rewarding business partnership with our borrowers, corporate partners and suppliers


       To foster customer relationships by providing accessible products and services to our borrowers 

       To promote an empowered work culture that supports dynamism and adaptability within our people


               Teamwork : Our company and people move as one towards the achievement of shared goals

               Respect : We regard the worth of people and things and treat them with consideration and care


               Integrity : We conduct business in accordance with ethical convictions

              Ownership : We take the initiative to bring about positive results of our work as well as team’s aspirations

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