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Premium Loan

A sure way to access funds at a lower interest rate.  This type of collateral loan is open to those with real estate property such as residential, agricultural, industrial or commercial assets.

Loanable amount : up to 3 Million

Payable up to 3 years

Interest rate :  as low as 1%

Payment thru Post dated check or Bank transfer

Make sure all requirements are complete for faster release of loan:

1. Completely filled out application form


3. Government issued ID (at least 1)*

4. Latest Proof of Billing** (at least 1)

5. Updated DTI Registration / SEC Registration

6. Latest copy of Mayor's permit 

7. Latest Barangay Clearance

8. Photo of the business (store/office) 

9. Copy of last 3 months' bank statement / passbook

10. Handwritten Sketch of Residence and Business


*Acceptable Government IDs (must have a photo on the ID):

TIN                                         Voter's ID                                        Postal ID                              Philhealth ID                  HDMF / Pag-ibig ID             Driver's License                             Passport                                PRC ID                                              

* Proof of Billing:

 Meralco                                 Maynilad / Manila Waters

 Cellular phone bills           Cable  / Internet bills

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